Extensive and focused preparation for NDA written examination is professionally organized by our Academy. A highly competent and committed Academy conducts a smartly designed training program , which comprehensively covers all aspects of the prescribed syllabus including : General English, Mathematics and General Awareness. Besides laying emphasis on enhancing the basic knowledge of the aspiring candidates to successfully tackle the exam, the diverse and exhaustive question bank, based on previous 10 years question papers is solved by our alumni, this automatically boosts their overall grades for scoring high in the final merit list.Our classroom offline classes specifically to clear any doubts of students regarding the subjects they study.

These sessions are taken by expert faculty members. Numerous benefits of Offline classroom programme:

• Instant Doubt Resolution: Get Doubts Solved Immediately After Class.
• Regular Classes as per time-table
• Weekly Tests : Get assessed regularly to perform better
• Personalized Extra Classes : Improve understanding of concepts
• A teacher could pay more attention to students
• Students would focus more on studies and least distraction
• More interaction between students and teachers leading to Personality and Communication Skill development of students.
• Individual guidance to students and counseling sessions.


Students Learn To Maintain Discipline: Academy ensures to maintain discipline and student develop interest in studies and interaction skills.

Regular Completion of Planned task: Students are mentally prepared, maintain discipline, and follow the teacher’s instructions in the offline classroom environment. Students will complete the work regularly in the classroom, but there is less interaction and less communication in online education.

Learning of Various Skills: An excellent campus is not only ground for students but it is also a place where they can build leadership skills and they become confident by performing well in physical activities they understand by the trainer.

No More Gadget Addiction: Nowadays, online classes have made our students addicted to gadgets, and they almost forget to play outside because of lockdown and pandemic situations. The more time they spend on mobile or laptops, the more they spend, their creative and logical thinking is nearly abated.

Better Student-Teacher Interaction: Offline classes in Campus are more beneficial as teachers and students are physically interacting with each other. In addition, teachers can check if students are writing or concentrating on the topic or not. As there is physical eye to eye contact, students’ minds will not be distracted in other activities. We have airy classrooms and safe infrastructure for students, and our students love to spend their day with teachers and friends.

Save Resources: Offline classes need no extra resources of internet connectivity or any electronic gadget like mobile, tablet or laptop with a student. At CDA an outstanding Academy, many students prefer to attend offline classes, and they enjoy every activity. Furthermore, there is no issue in attending class if you have electricity or internet connectivity issues at home.

No Disturbance: To attend online classes, parents find it challenging to prepare their children for the online class. Students get distracted and as a result they get no knowledge or interest. Wherein offline class, students are actively participating in campus and even guests or TV noise will not affect students.

Offline classes help students Quick Resolution of problems and Doubts. Students convenient to attend Physical class can attend, and if have trouble than have an alternate option of ONLINE CLASSES.