Group Testing Officers Test comprises GD, GPE, PGT, HGT, IOT, Command Task, Snake Race/Group Obstacle Race, Individual Lecture and FGT for which physical fitness is important. The cadets are made to participate in games like Cricket, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball. To keep cadets physically and mentally fit, facilities for yogic exercises and gymnasium (gym) are also provided to the cadets. Sessions of morning and evening drill are also held daily for the good physical and mental health of candidates.


• Intelligent Quotient (I.Q)
• Self Confidence
• Personality Traits
• Body language

There are certain rules and instructions that should be kept in mind while performing these tasks and you will emerge out as a leader automatically. The approach to all the tasks in GTO testing is different and by developing a core approach for all of them while different small approaches to base on the nature of the task will enhance your performance for better.

• Start running and doing some core exercise. It will help you in all aspects of life.
• Meditation and Yoga will be very helpful for calm and sound mind.
• Run-on a daily basis, start by running only one km a day along with exercising, and then slowly increase it. Your stamina will increase day by day.


• Chandigarh Defence Academy organises Motivational Sessions for cadets every Month. These sessions are held by prominent and renowned personalities who have had vast experience in defence, civil and social services. (click here)

• The Sessions by the Retd.Defence officers are taken by Wing Commander Iqbal Singh Chahal, Col. Urvinder Singh, Col. K.K. Malhotra, Col. Manoj Malhotra besides Ms. Ritu Singal, Mr. Ankur Malhotra and Mr. Ketan Bhagat.

• These sessions are arranged with a view to encouraging the cadets to focus on their target and ambition. In these sessions, the cadets are imparted guidance about the ways to go to NDA so that the cadets are able to be successful in their mission to be able to fulfil their ambition to serve the nation.