Wg Cdr Iqbal Singh Chahal

15+ years of experience in training and guiding our students. He familiarizes the students with the best knowledge of Army / Navy / Airforce atmosphere and culture. Our students are getting rich knowledge to serve in Indian Defence services. He has been holding numerous motivational and counseling sessions. He has had stint with the SSB Board and Is an Ex IAF Pilot commissioned from the NDA.

Col. Urvinder Singh

An accomplished Army officer with over 30 Year of experience with Indian Army, United Nations, Reliance, and as a consultant with a range of companies in India, Col. Urvinder has conducted innumerable training programmes on life skills, communication skills, interview preparation etc. A motivator, par excellence, he has the ability to encourage the quietest of the candidates and make him work towards his goal. To make training impressions permanent, he has developed an experiential format driven by powerful STORY TELLING. He is beyond comparison a passionate trainer and an entrepreneur.


He is a versatile innovation head who has undertaken a journey to inspire youth to take on out of the box challenges and major leadership roles in life. He has to his credit more than a dozen leadership programmes for young officers and soldiers which he conducted single-handedly. Manoj has done Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies and is an alumnus of the prestigious Defence Service Staff College, Wellington. He has led eight white water rafting expeditions, two skiing expeditions and is now coaching NCC Cadets in life skills and leadership. A Soldier at heart, he has transformed the lives of many young individuals who aspire to join the armed forces. For him, a leader has to Know the way, show the way and lead the way, until accomplishment of the mission.


He was commissioned into 4 Dogra in Nagaland in 1960. During the Sino-India Conflict of November 1962, he was wonder at Tri-Junction in the Battle of Walong. An alumnus of the Australian Army Staff Collage (1969), he Commanded 10 Dogra (1976-79) and 80 Infantry Brigade (1984-86) in Naoshera-Jhangar Sector in Jammu & Kashmir. Subsequently, he was deeply involved with the conduct of war games "Brass Tacks "and “Checker Board". He lives in Chandigarh and visits his children in the USA and Canada.


She is an Indian Army Officer and First Lady Cadet and Silver Medalist from the first batch of 25 lady officers who were commissioned in the Indian Army in 1993. It wasn't until 1992 that the Indian Army had seen a woman cadet train at its academy. All it took for a gutsy Priya Jhingan to upend the norm was a letter to the then Chief of Army Staff, General Sunith Francis Rodrigues. Here was a young girl demanding that one of the top services in the country be opened to women! Being the daughter of a police officer, Priya, from a tender age, believed wearing a uniform and serving your country was far more rewarding than a fat salary. "I wanted to do it for my country. That is why I wrote that classic letter to the Chief of Army Staff to allow the commission to women into the Army. I wanted to march through life wearing the olive green uniform," she once said in an interview. What boosted her morale was a reply from the General saying the Army was planning to induct women in the next two years. That's all it took for Priya to strike the career plan of becoming a police officer, like her father and await the Army to stay true to its promise. Decades later, the signed letter from the General remains a prized one.

Capt. KK. Malhotra